maria Adviser Toolkit

“Meet with any insurance client or prospect business, with just your tablet or notebook (or even your smartphone!)”

maria Adviser Toolkit will save you hours, whether you are an adviser or support staff, and drive profitability for insurance adviser principals.

maria Adviser Toolkit is an immediate retrofit that sits above legacy systems, a fresh new “skin” for your point of sale.

maria Adviser Toolkit

  • maria Blueprint

    maria Blueprint designs and reports any business insurance prospect or client program in minutes on the spot, instead of hours in the office

    Simply answer a few questions and maria Blueprint will deliver a table of relevant risks and covers.

    maria Blueprint is more professional than an unstructured chat and handwritten notes, so you can move seamlessly into quote and placement data gathering, with an agreement on the desired outcome.

    maria Blueprint is exhaustive, even covering important but less highlighted risks tailored to each specific business.

    maria helps you uncover more prospect and client opportunities on the spot in minutes.

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  • maria Interview

    maria Interview instantly creates the perfect set of questions for any business insurance quote and implementation, for virtually all products and covers (we are adding even more covers soon, such as trade credit insurance and even performance bonds).

    No repeated questions. No 50 page handwritten questionnaires. No data locked in word documents, restrictive policy systems or files.

    maria empowers the Interviewing adviser to gather all the data they need for all transactions as well as for cross marketing to a specialist internal placing unit or strategic partner business.

    maria Interview frees support staff from preparing prospect and renewal client questionnaires so they can tackle higher value, more interesting work.

    maria Interview captures all data from point of sale in an environment you control. Data is power.

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  • maria Applications

    With one click maria transforms saved data into cover specific application forms.

    Packaging is simple. Select the coverage you would like to package and the application will be produced for that set of covers.

    Importantly you can recreate fresh application form sets if "Plan A" doesn't fly. No more transcribing data to a specialist liability application form when your business package market declines the liability section!

    If you are keying e-business, there is no more shuffling through pages and deciphering handwriting to find what you need. The data is organised with one click.

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  • maria Link

    All data is available for integration with client, quoting and policy management systems.

    For techies, we use the hottest stack around! maria has state of the art API including REST and Graph.

    We do not charge for API access. We don't hold your data hostage.

    Field matching and data uptake to the user's receiving system is at the user's expense or priced on application.

    The good news is there is no need to migrate any data into maria (although this is still possible).

    Simply use the more professional and efficient maria Interview to collect client renewal data, and you will have a full set of higher quality data in one renewal cycle. Data is power.

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  • maria Leads

    Would you like more leads? It's like asking if koalas like gum leaves.

    You will receive a URL link to direct online prospects to your maria Blueprint. Upon report delivery maria Blueprint will provide a click though for implementation help, that is, a lead to you.

    Simply include the link on your site, email it to referrers for their desktop or have referrers place the link under your logo on their site.

    maria Blueprint is simple enough for any business owner or manager to complete.

    maria Blueprint filters for Businesses with an interest in insuring risk, and a shopping list!

    Gold standard leads without the noise of single issue or price shoppers? Yes please!

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