About Us

maria is the result of collaboration between experienced general insurance intermediation and information technology professionals.

Our mission is to facilitate business insurance intermediation starting with complete capture of the entire prospect or client interaction. This is in contrast to other online insurance businesses that promote disintermediation.

Our process combines the strengths of computerised processes and human ingenuity. Our model supports the client – adviser relationship.

While much insurance business is transacted electronically, this process commences after the client interview stage, is ineffective for all but the simplest insurance programs and discards important data not required for a specific transaction.

maria frees up adviser resources directed to paperwork to allow more time for relationship building and negotiation of competitive insurance terms.

maria frees up administration staff from word processing and data entry to higher value, more rewarding and more interesting functions.

Whether you are a business owner or insurance intermediary, we are focussed on lowering your cost of doing business and making your point of sale “front door” more professional.

We are ambitious. We are committed to making maria the leading method of intermediated business insurance program design and data collection by the year 2020.

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Email enquiries: mailto:hello@mymaria.com.au

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